Clear Water Party

Clear Water PartyThe Clear Water Party | Water Connects US All

The Clear Water Party of Iowa was formed as a way to give the future of Iowa back to the people of Iowa.  An elected official should represent what is best for the long term welfare of the land and the people, not a political party or special interest.

Why Clear Water?

The answer for this is simple.  Water connects us all. The best interests of Iowa and the Natural Resources of Iowa need to be at the very top of the legislative discussion platform.  The long-term best interests of the people and land of Iowa need to be represented, not the interests of a specific political party or special interest, especially when that special interest resides outside the boundaries of our state.

Water also represents the ultimate barometer for everything past and present that happens on the land. Clean drinking water and clear water in our streams, rivers, and lakes means the landscape is functioning properly for farmers, rural and urban residents alike, as well as native plant, animal, and insect species that are an integral part of the Iowa landscape. We all need to work together, not against each other, to make clear water a permanent reflection of the Iowa landscape.

Clear water represents transparency in the legislative and decision making process.  We shouldn’t have to hide what we’re doing and how we’re going about promoting and achieving creative ideas and objectives if we truly want to make Iowa the greatest state in America.  The people of Iowa have good ideas.  We need to focus on the positive aspects of those ideas and work together to turn those good ideas into GREAT ideas!

The “two party” political system has been trending toward dividing people and ideas rather than bringing people, positive energy, and creative ideas together.  The Clear Water Party of Iowa provides a fresh start to put the emphasis back on Iowa. What better place to plant the seeds of that fresh start than the most productive state in America…..Iowa!

Further Updates to the Clear Water Party coming soon!

Find out more about the issues and join the discussion on the Gary for Governor Facebook page. It’s a chance to add your voice and comments to the transparent discussion.