Anyway….back to Hemp and cannabis in Iowa….

Anyway….back to Hemp and cannabis in Iowa….

I was trying to do a quick video on my stance for legalization of hemp and cannabis in Iowa until a number of unexpected things happened in that moment. I thought it would be easier to write this up in a post so we could all concentrate better on that possibility.

In a nutshell, I support complete legalization of properly crafted legislation in the following order of importance: 1). hemp production and use, 2). medical cannabis production and use; and if done right, 3). recreational production and use.

Here is why…..

First off, Iowa should be the leader not a follower. If other states and neighboring countries like Canada can do it, Iowa can do it better in all aspects….the longer we wait the more we’ll be missing out on billions in economic revenue that can do great things for our state as well as giving farmers more profitable and diverse crop options besides traditional commodity crops. Those traditional commodity crops like corn and soybeans require billions in tax payer subsidies, and cost billions more in soil loss, habitat loss, and water quality impairments. Hemp and cannabis as a crop is just one of hundreds of possibilities for agriculture that will help diversify the Iowa Landscape, create opportunities for young people to return to the land and our rural communities, and be part of the long-term solution to solving things like water quality and flooding.

Here is the story of why hemp became illegal in the first place. Nearly 100 years later here we still sit letting misinformation, propaganda, and lack of common sense get the best of us!…/how-hemp-became-ill…/

Medical cannibis should be legal as well. It begins by taking some of the control away from all the big money pharmaceutical companies who don’t want you to have simple low cost cures. Both pharmaceutical companies and the doctors giving out all those prescriptions profit billions! On top of that, many of those drugs like opioid-based pain killers are causing far more problems and negative side-affects than cannabis could ever cause, even if it was totally legal. I love the Pharmaceutical sarcasm in this song… which we used to call “the drug store” as kids:

Recreational cannibis production, sale and use. A ever increasing number of other states are far ahead of us and have information that could guide our legislation. Our state finds it perfectly legal to sell known cancer causing tobacco products, produce and sell alcohol, or let folks gamble their life savings away, or spray fungicide or a host of other things overhead like was happening while doing the video as a school bus passed by. We can trust people to carry a firearm (which I support and I am only using this as an analogy), but we don’t trust people to be responsible enough to choose to purchase and smoke a little weed on their own time in their own home when they’re not bothering anyone else? We need to stop turning these law abiding people into criminals. This a fun song by BR5-49 for any of you Hee-Haw & Andy Griffith Show fans! or yet another for those “New Riders of the Purple Sage” fans out there:

My biggest concern would be the effect of increased availability on our youth. Studies conducted in other states that have legalized recreational use seem to indicate that doesn’t happen. In the long-run, maybe we should focus our attention on making our communities a more exciting and engaging place for our teens so they have far better things to do with their time instead of choosing drugs and alcohol at such a young age.…/

This is just my opinion. It really comes down to what the voters of Iowa want for our state, so please share your thoughts and ideas!