Did a little “active campaigning” at both the ISU and Iowa vs. UNI football pregame tailgaters on Saturday..

Did a little “active campaigning” at both the ISU and Iowa vs. UNI football pregame tailgaters on Saturday. Met a lot of great folks and had some very unique interactions to say the least!

At the student tailgate section at ISU, I leaned my bike against the “Hammerschlagen” stump to talk with a few students. Next thing I knew I saw my bike and flags go weaving through the crowd off in the distance! No big deal…a fat tire bike is irresistible to ride. When it finally crash landed back near the stump, a few students started grabbing my t-shirts and walking off with them…I did have a problem with that! lol I went to retrieve my shirts and told them you can’t just take people’s stuff without asking, and that I would have been happy to give them one if they just asked. I finally retrieved the one from the student on the bike and told him the same thing. At that moment, another student intervened and tried to make me leave…..but I had no intention on leaving!

A few seconds later the student who took off with the bike and the shirt came over to apologize. A really nice fella and I thanked him for coming back over to do that. I fitted him with the proper size shirt and he asked if he could ride the bike again. Of course you can! After that, I had some amazing conversations with a number of students and made some great connections! One student said she was in graphic design and volunteered to design a sign unique to the ISU campus!

I had numerous encounters and some great conversations in Iowa City as well! Some good lessons learned on how to stay in the match in order to get to the constructive conversations and the opportunity to share and exchange creative ideas!

Most students I talked with didn’t expect “free” college….they just want it to be affordable! One idea I presented was the idea of creating a Student CCC program, modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps of the Great Depression era that gave a whole generation of people both a connection to the land and a chance to do great things for our state, while getting enough compensation to get through a really tough time in our history. The Student CCC program would give high school students a voluntary opportunity to give something back first, while learning some important life, community, and work skills at the same time, in exchange for financial help with college or starting a small business. They liked the concept and gave me some ideas of their own. It’s good to get input and better involve our younger generations because the future of Iowa is in their hands!

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