Underdog Iowa Gubernatorial candidate Gary Siegwarth outdoes rivals in online engagement

Paul Doffing | Gary For Governor Campaign

Iowa Candidate for Governor Gary Siegwarth has engaged far more Iowans per dollar spent than any other candidate.

It’s well known that Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell are well funded, raising $7.3 million and $8.5 million for their respective campaigns. Siegwarth has raised $723* in donations, and according to Siegwarth’s Facebook page he’s also put $25,000 of his own money into his campaign.

While the marketing budget for each campaign is not precisely known, there is a stark contrast in engagement between Siegwarth and other candidates. Siegwarth’s campaign videos on Facebook had 604,064 views between June 1 and October 30, 2018. That compares with 1,113,280 views for Kim Reynold’s videos, 607,855 views for Fred Hubbell’s, and just 13,000 views for Jake Porter.

Now, if we consider those Facebook video views in the context of each candidate’s net campaign funding, we see that Kim Reynolds and Fred Hubbell have about $6 and $14 per view, while Siegwarth have won voters’ attention for as little as 4 cents per view.

So with $25,000, Siegwarth has generated as much attention online as the Reynolds and Hubbell; both of whom have literally spent millions.

Siegwarth’s success engaging voters at similar levels to those of Reynolds and Hubbell indicates that his message has resonated with Iowans. Either he is somehow a fisheries biologist who’s also a genious marketer, or his message is about 164 times more relevant to Iowans than Kim Reynold’s and 350 times as relevant as Fred Hubbell’s.

Most of Siegwarth’s efforts have gone towards initiating discussions online in an unusually personable and constructive way – a welcome approach in today’s political climate. Voters have reacted positively to his efforts to share information from his area of expertise via videos and through discussions on platforms like Facebook.

Despite his surprising success, Siegwarth has been left out of every major poll and news article. Additionally, he has not been invited to the televised debates. Iowans clearly want to hear what Siegwarth has to say. The data suggests that voters view him as a major candidate, and it’s time that the media and political establishment began to acknowledge that fact.

*When this article was originally published it erroneously said that Gary had received only $100 in donations. This number has been clarified by Mr. Siegwarth to be $723.

Published 8:00 AM, November 4, 2018

About the author: Paul Doffing is a digital marketing strategist working with the Gary for Governor campaign.
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