Thank You!

First off, Natalia and I wanted to say thanks to all of you who had the courage to vote for something a little different. A different kind of natural resource and “common sense” based platform from the perspective of a 26-year natural resource biologist. It was dramatically different than anything else I was hearing from any of the other candidates running for Governor. Thanks also for all the inspiring messages sent from friends, followers, rivals, and voters (young and old….blue or red alike) from across Iowa. I’ve met some great and passionate people from this experience, which is a victory in itself.

I honestly didn’t know what had happened from yesterday until this morning when we drove out of a remote valley to where I had reception and called my running mate Natalia. In my own remote world and in my creative and wild imagination anything is possible. From the day I began this near impossible campaign, I knew I was up against an ingrained political system controlled by greed, misinformation, propaganda, big money, tradition, biased media, uninformed voters, and two very powerful and entrenched political parties taking advantage of all that. Following this election, absolutely none of this has changed. To me that is semi-depressing because I see the potential of what our landscape, our streams & rivers, our dwindling small town communities, our people with a voice, and our political system could be.

We have a highly biased and misinformed political system, filled with mostly misinformed and biased politicians. That system thrives on creating and promoting divisiveness and fear in voters. The system keeps winning because those tactics keep working. That system will never change until voters make it happen or until something so drastic happens to cause a natural collapse of it.

We tried the informative-interactive approach. Based on the receptiveness and discussion on this page, I think it has a chance to work if we keep sharing information and constructive discussions, and remain open-minded about new ideas. I’m staying on board this boat because it’s the unbiased message of the river barometer carrying my boat down river…..telling me something has to eventually change. Something has to change if we care at all about future generations, our water, our natural resources, or the other diverse species we share our landscape with.

The other lingering question I have is can a candidate truly get elected by telling the truth about all the issues and giving a long-term holistic perspective voters may not want to hear, rather than the age old tradition of telling voters what they want to hear or a boiled down platform of short-term divisive issues. Does our political system stand a chance of doing what’s best for our land-water-and people, our state, our country, and our planet seven generations from now? If not, then younger generations better take note.

Thanks again for your support, I hope you choose to continue this float of awareness around the next bend of the river! We are glad to have you aboard!

We want to give special thanks to Paul Doffing who was instrumental in getting the information on this page out to as many people as possible. Paul is amazing, passionate, humble, kind, and adventurous all wrapped into one. Plus, he’s a creative musician. I also want to thank my new bride Brandy for both putting up with me and helping make a number of things possible, including this video!

We wanted to thank my son Marcus for help with some creative video editing and for creating the website, my son Jed for help at the fish hatchery, my co-worker Wayne for taking the extra burden at the hatchery in my occasional absence or lack of focus, my brother Bob and Codfish Hollow for allowing my flag to fly, and my sister Wanda for her always creative designs.

Gary & Natalia

Clear Water Party of Iowa